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About Swag Points & Rewards

Swag Points are a new way for us to give something back to our customers.  Customers are rewarded Swag Points for purchasing and by doing other activities that help improve our website/company which in turn we use to better serve you.  We award Swag Points for referring friends and family, voting on polls, reviewing products, and much more.  All you have to do is make an account and then you automatically rack up Swag Points for every purchase and any other website activities you perform.  Swag Points can then be redeemed for free t-shirts (with free shipping), Shooky gift cards, and other free gear.  Below is a breakdown of how many Shooky Points you will earn.


How many and for what?

Below is the list of how many Shooky Points you will get and for what:

Purchasing - 1 Point for every dollar spent ($15 spent = 15 Swag Points)
- 20 Points added for any orders over $100



- 5 Points when they make an account

- 10 Points after their first purchase


Review or Rate a Purchased Product


Add Product Tags

- 10 Points when you write a review about a purchased product
                 (You must have purchased the product to review it)

- 2 Point for every approved product tag added on a products info page.


Vote in polls


- 10 Points for voting in our weekly poll (limit one vote per person per week)

- 20 Points for subscribing to our newsletter

*Referring friends & family can be done by logging into "My Account" and then "My Referrals".  Or if you like we can send you referral cards which you can personally give them.

How many Swag Points do I need for free stuff?

You need 15 Shooky Points for every dollar.  So once you get 150 Shooky Points you get a FREE Tee and so on.

Remember you can always view your Swag Points balance by clicking on "My Account" at the top of our website.  If you have any questions about Swag Points that wasn't answered here, feel free to call or send us an email.